Minneapolis-based Great Bay Software launched Beacon Suite 5.0 to help enterprises discover, onboard, monitor and enforce access policies across all connected devices, including laptops, servers, printers, VoIP phones, biomedical devices, industrial control systems and newly emerging Internet of Things (IoT) devices. 

New to the Beacon Suite 5.0 is the Beacon Endpoint Enforcement module, which simplifies and automates endpoint and IoT device authentication and onboarding as well as enforcement of access policies. The Beacon Endpoint Enforcement module license unlocks the ability to authenticate all unmanaged devices based on multiple criteria. This is especially unique because Beacon goes far beyond the MAC address to determine endpoint identity and behavioral attributes. This approach greatly eases the burden of onboarding IoT and biomedical devices, providing an appropriate level of network access.

The Beacon Enforcement module also leverages Beacon's behavior monitoring capabilities to alert, quarantine or block a device when an unusual behavior, such as MAC spoofing, is detected. In addition, the Beacon Endpoint Enforcement module improves the speed and accuracy of endpoint discovery.

Additional features include:

  • Continuous behavior monitoring and active response to enforce access policies with the ability to alert, quarantine or block device access when unauthorized behavior is detected.
  • Expanded real-time discovery and profiling techniques, including RADIUS-based profiling.
  • IoT device visibility improvements via native integration with Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers.
  • Artificial intelligence expert system-based profiling engine includes over 1,400 pre-built device profiles, delivering real-time endpoint discovery and profiling capabilities for large scale enterprises.
  • Modernized user interface to enhance ease of use and overall user experience.
  • Centrally managed, fully distributed and secure LDAP replication for improved remote authentication support and redundancy.
  • Additional out-of-the-box endpoint and profile reports.
  • Performance and scalability enhancements.

Great Bay Software