Unified Office, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., released Total Connect Now Operations Performance Suite 2.0 (TCNOPS 2.0), an Internet of Things (IoT)-based operational performance service that monitors and analyzes IoT data and automatically controls thermostats, air conditioners, refrigeration equipment, stove exhaust vents, heaters, security and video systems, safe doors and other devices.

TCNOPS will take actions based on trigger events generated from IoT data and other internal intelligence. TCNOPS is also predictive and can proactively spot underlying subtle changes in the devices being managed and report on them before they suffer a potential outage.

For example, a thermostat can be set to a limited temperature range(s), so when the temperature goes above or below a certain level, a pre-determined action takes place to conform with existing compliance regulations and it sends an alert to management. This integrates with the Operations Management Suite, and enables customers to view all indicators across all stores or offices, down to a single store or office location from any device, etc.


Unified Office, Inc.