The daily grind for processors is faster, easier and more efficient thanks to new state-of-the-art mixing and grinding technologies from Provisur, Whitewater, Wis.

The Weiler Dominator 8 Grinder, for example, is a heavy-duty grinder that can process up to 24,000 pounds of product an hour, using Weiler’s Balanced Flow technology. The grinder brings Dominator technology into the smaller range (8 5/8 inches or 219mm diameter) of plate sizes, allowing small to medium-sized beef, pork, poultry and seafood processors to maximize product quality and hard tissue removal with a lower cost of ownership. Applications include fresh meat, pre-broken frozen and tempered block grinding.Provisur Weiler grinder

The Weiler MG Dominator 8/20A Mixer/Grinder is engineered for maximum product quality and a lower cost of ownership for small to medium-capacity processors, used with 8 5/80-inch (219mm) diameter plate sizes and 20-cubic-foot tubs. The Weiler overlapping, counter-rotating paddle system, coupled with a full-length unload screw, reduces processing and sanitation times. The unique paddle design and polished food contact surfaces improve yields and preserve meat texture.

The Omni V 1107 Multi-Grinder is used for fresh and frozen products. Efficient for small to medium-sized processors, the machine features an 11-inch diameter plate and offers capacity up to 18,000 pounds an hour for fresh and 9,000 pounds an hour for frozen final grind. The hopper accepts multiple blocks at a time, a two-screw configuration with independent belt drives eliminates machine changeovers for fresh and frozen raw materials and VFD controls on both drives allow for complete application control. This machine is engineered with Weiler’s exclusive Dominator grinding technology with Balanced Flow design that eliminates roll back, turbulence and unnecessary work of the raw materials for better particle definition and dimension.

VersaGrind 11 Pump Grinding System is an alternative to conventional screw type grinders for beef, pork and poultry products. Featuring AccuPump technology, the positive displacement pump eliminates roll back typically found in conventional screw-type grinders and works well with sticky, tacky raw materials typically found in the sausage industry and raw materials with high liquid content such as in the poultry industry. Speed control on three different drives help ensure exact particle definition, while enabling versatility for different raw materials and end products. In addition, the separate pump and grinding head offer greater orientation flexibility on the processing floor.

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