New N5 and NP5 motor controllers from Nanotec, Medford, Mass., are said to be the most advanced servo control to date, delivering servo performance with both stepper and BLDC motors. The N5 and NP5 controllers are fully programmable and can be controlled over EtherCAT or CANopen field bus systems. Nanotec servo controller

The N5 motor controller supports closed-loop, field-oriented, sine commutation servo control for both stepper and BLDC motors. It can accept 5 V or Nanotec’s new 24-V encoders. The N5 can actuate a holding brake and accepts hall sensors. In total, the motor controller features six digital inputs, two analog inputs and two digital outputs.

For parameterization purposes, the platform-independent NanoIP software is free of charge. A PC is connected via Ethernet using a REST protocol. In addition, the N5 motor controller can also be used to create distributed drive solutions. With the assistance of the NanoJ software, programs can be created and uploaded, then run independently of the master PLC.

Nanotec Electronic U.S., Inc., a subsidiary of Nanotec Electronic GmbH & Co.