Multi-Conveyor, Winneconne, Wis., built a stainless-steel, semi-automatic, motor driven roller (MDR) conveyor to transport cases of frozen product. This unique system incorporates 13 drive zones, including six air shock-assisted powered lift gates, all in one common portable frame.

Hand packers work at each of the seven 3-foot-long gravity roller sections and manually lift the gates assisted with air shocks to support a gentle return to their base horizontal position. This allows the operator(s) easy access through the line, both to and from their workstation.

One 24VDC MDR roller lies in each of the 13 roller groups that slave drives the other 3-7 rollers in that group. Due to limited cable lengths allowed between the driver cards and the driver rollers, Multi-Conveyor mounted the driver cards locally in each of the small panels.

Furthermore, this pre-wired “plug-and-play” system is controlled with one ON/OFF button in the main control panel, and individual zones can be stopped and started for accumulation.

The conveyor was designed to run at 45 FPM based on a product load of 25 pounds per lineal foot of conveyor.