SideDrive Conveyor Co. announced its formal launch as the first, and only, company in the world exclusively focused on configurable side drive conveyor solutions.

SideDrive Conveyor provides sanitary spiral and long-run transferless conveyors for virtually any application, including naked, raw, and packaged food products as well as non-food products. Using only side drive, edge-driven technology from Intralox, SideDrive Conveyor helps manufacturers improve productivity and streamline production with food-safe and flexible conveyors that offer a low total cost of ownership.

“I am excited to announce SideDrive Conveyor Co. as the only company to offer helical and, theoretically, infinitely long conveying solutions that are sanitary, transferless and flexible,” says Kevin Mauger, President of SideDrive Conveyor. “The configurations are limitless and the possibilities are endless, thanks to the unique and innovative side drive, edge-driven technology from Intralox. This technology safely and gently transports any product for any application and market while truly protecting the product and improving overall production.”

Benefits of Side Drive, Edge-Driven Conveyors

Made with USDA-compliant plastic, the belting, drives, rods and sprockets all stand-up to high-pressure washdown environments for thorough cleaning. The plastic design also eliminates any risk of contamination since there’s no metal or need for lubrication.

SideDrive Conveyors are also flexible and can meet the needs of any application, plant floor layout or production need. Thanks to the modular, plastic belting from Intralox, conveyors can be configured in any way—curved, spiral, with turns, multiple inclines and declines, or simply straight—and without any transfers.

The unique design of SideDrive’s food safe conveyors offer a low total cost of ownership. The lightweight, plastic materials increase belt life by reducing overall friction of the conveyor system when in motion, making it less likely to fatigue compared to traditional metal belt conveyors. This, combined with an even, transferless belt path, reduces product loss by up to 80% while maintaining product integrity.

A History Founded in Sanitary Conveyors

As an NCC company, SideDrive Conveyor brings NCC Automated Systems’ proven experience as a full service automation systems integrator to its sanitary conveyor offering. NCC has successfully helped food processing, consumer packaged goods and OEM builders improve their operations with system knowledge and proven industry experience.

Dedicated to Innovative Conveyor Solutions

Under NCC, SideDrive Conveyor has worked with Intralox for more than 30 years. SideDrive Conveyor is one of the select few companies to have a Preferred Supplier Agreement with the company. This, in addition to several licenses to build specific equipment, allows SideDrive to design and build completely flexible, sanitary conveyors with modular plastic belting using side drive technology.

About SideDrive Conveyor Company

SideDrive Conveyor Co., an NCC Company, provides completely configurable and modular sanitary side drive conveyor solutions. Offering the ultimate flexibility while meeting the highest sanitary requirements, SideDrive spiral and long-running conveyors use a unique, plastic modular belting system that eliminates transfers and creates a smooth and effortless motion. SideDrive Conveyor is the only company in the world to exclusively focus on and use only side drive belting, making it the authority when it comes to conveyor solutions. As an employee-owned company, SideDrive Conveyor is committed to providing and integrating a quality transport system that works for you.