Refrigeration Applied Sciences (R.A.S.), Fort Lauderdale, Fla., introduced GO-GREEN1 and GO-GREEN2, a patent-pending energy-efficient product designed to Go Green energy efficiency solutioneliminate the unnecessary cycles that a refrigeration compressor makes. These unnecessary cycles constitutes 38-58% of the compressor’s daily activity.

The science behind GO-GREEN is based on the fact that produce, dairy and meat products have different thermal properties than air. GO-GREEN units contain a non-toxic, biodegradable, food-safe gel formula with a similar molecular structure that mimics the thermal properties of produce, dairy and meats, resulting in the temperature probe no longer reading the viscosity of the air and achieving a more stable and tighter range.

By retrofitting the GO-GREEN device—which requires no electrical, plumbing or maintenance—over the external air probe in the commercial coolers and freezers, the temperature probe will now read the "GO-GREEN 1" device instead of the volatility that comes with the air in accordance to the produce, dairy and meats in that cooling environment. This creates a more efficient environment, reducing compressor cycles 38-58% and resulting in an average energy savings of 14-28%.

Refrigeration Applied Sciences