Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc., a St. Louis-based business of Emerson, released a digital version of its Copeland Scroll K5 refrigeration compressor for Emerson Copeland refrigeration compressorlow and medium temperature refrigeration in supermarkets.

The current Copeland Scroll K5 refrigeration compressor incorporates variable volume ratio technology, which optimizes low-condensing performance, and enhanced vapor injection capability for maximum capacity at low set points without having to add more or larger compressors.

Other energy efficient advantages include:

• 10-100% capacity modulation, which allows for extremely precise temperature and pressure control for energy efficiency improvements and cycling reduction.

• Enhanced vapor injection capability, which is said to increase system capacity by 50% and efficiency by 20% on average at low temperature rating condition.

CoreSense Diagnostics, which provides advanced protection, monitoring capabilities and maintenance cost savings.

• Discharge temperature control module, which controls liquid injection via electronic expansion valves, cooling the compressor when required.

• Digital solenoid control, which cycles the digital solenoid based on the required capacity signal from the master controller, eliminating the need for a separate digital controller.

Approved for use with R-404A, R-407A/C/F, R-134a and R-22 refrigerants, the new Copeland Scroll K5 digital refrigeration compressor is designed for use in both stand-alone and parallel systems.

Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.