Teledyne DALSA, a Canada-based unit of Teledyne Technologies company, expanded its Genie TS series with the addition of a new 5M camera that can reach Teledyne Genies cameraspeeds up to 51 frames per second (fps) in fast mode.

Unique to the Genie TS camera family is a feature that allows the capture of multiple regions of interest, significantly reducing the amount of data transferred and simultaneously allowing systems to focus on events that are critical to the inspection. This form of data reduction decreases the amount of information transferred, saving on bandwidth and minimizing data transfer along the GigE link.

The Genie TS is engineered to meet the ever-increasing speed and image clarity requirements of machine vision. It’s also suitable for a wide range of inspection applications, including intelligent traffic systems, food and beverage inspection and electronics and printed circuit board inspection, among others.

Teledyne DALSA