Flexicon, Bethlehem, Pa., introduced a new vacuum receiver equipped with a pneumatically-actuated dump valve for dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems. Flexicon vacuum receiver

Constructed of stainless steel, the vacuum receiver features a rugged, clamp-together design that facilitates rapid, tool-free disassembly for filter cleaning and maintenance. The modular design permits the addition of cylinder segments for increased holding volume. The flap-type dump valve is actuated by a pneumatic cylinder via manual contact closure, or programmable controls based on weight gain, elapsed time or other user-defined parameters.

Unlike conventional filter receivers that employ multiple small filter elements, this unit employs a single large diameter filter cartridge facilitating rapid filter changes and automatic reverse pulse jet cleaning of the filter element to maintain conveying efficiency during operation.

Flexicon vacuum receivers separate solids from the air stream using filter media and gravity, and are generally specified when materials contain smaller particles that are prone to dusting and/or when dust containment is a primary requirement.

The new filter receiver handles a wide range of capacities, but is particularly suited to high-volume applications above storage vessels or process equipment such as blenders and bulk bag fillers.

Flexicon Corp.