Provisur Technologies, Whitewater, Wis., expanded its Weiler brand of food processing equipment with a range of vacuum and non-vacuum mixers designed to Provisur vacuum mixerhandle any protein application, including beef, pork, mutton, poultry, veal, seafood and more.

Air evacuation is an important feature of a vacuum mixer, as processors remove air from the product to eliminate voids and ensure a consistent product density every time. Effective vacuum can significantly decrease the load time and the amount of mix time needed for protein extraction.

Weiler mixers are made with heavy-duty, 100% stainless-steel construction. Shaft seals are uniquely designed to ensure optimum performance and hygiene. All food contact surfaces can be hand-polished for easy, effective cleanability. No internal ribs or baffles exist on the hood, which helps prevent product from adhering to this area, thus promoting better yields, maximum effective cleanability and further ensures product safety.

Weiler non-vacuum mixers are specifically designed to enhance the quality and productivity of coarse-grind and fine-grind operations, from hamburger patties to extended products such as meatballs to lunch meat to hot dogs. The Weiler non-vacuum mixer difference begins with the homogeneous mixing action of its twin-overlapping, counter-rotating paddle system that features reduced paddle RPM for gentle working of the raw material and reduced mixing times.

Weiler mixers blend raw materials, incorporating spices, additives and liquids to deliver the most consistent, highest-quality end-product possible.

Provisur Technologies, Inc.