Multi-Conveyor, Winneconne, Wis., provides a series of vacuum conveyors equipped with vacuum blowers to transport empty plastic bottles in bulk. The stainless-steel, low-profile plastic belt conveyor moves the bottles between an existing customer chute to the inlet of an existing customer bottle unscrambler.

The vacuum portion of the chain utilizes blowers or an enclosed fan to move air beneath the conveyor.   In this case, the inlet side is attached to the conveyor frame, where air is pulled from the conveyor through the modified chain, which draws the bottles down against the fast moving plastic table top belt. The air then exhausts at exit.

Certain sections of the conveyor incorporate chain drift technology to help minimize the distance between tabletop chains that are supported by separate conveyor frames. Parallel transfers provide a seamless, smooth transition from vacuum to non-vacuum chain.  

Protective Lexan shields also help keep unwanted debris from entering the empty bottles. The Lexan covers are hinged, so the operator can manually lift sections as needed to get beneath the protective area.

The conveyors are equipped to run up to 180 feet per minute at 60 hertz with no accumulation.