Piab, Hingham, Mass., introduced the new piFLOWp SMART, designed to change from one material to another in just 10 minutes.

The piFLOWp SMART is a self-optimizing vacuum conveyor targeted primarily at industries handling many different materials and/or those in which frequent changes need to be made.

With each new conveying cycle, the piFLOWp SMART uses machine learning to automatically tune the process by configuring and optimizing a flawless flow of materials, set at the correct rate.

piFLOWp SMART is a stand-alone system designed to cater for an endless range of different powders and granules. Strategically placed sensors assist the conveyor’s auto-tuning system to control and fine-tune in accordance with environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity. By automatically adjusting the carrying air, the piFLOWp SMART vacuum conveyor eliminates the need for manual adjustments at the feed point. The filling level is also constantly monitored by two level sensors, safeguarding against filter damage.

Piab USA