MULTIVAC, Kansas City, Mo., presented its new chamber belt machine B 210, equipped with an electric chamber lid mechanism and an automatic transport Multivac B 210 chamber machineconveyor in the chamber for conveying products out. This provides the customer with a compact solution for automatic packaging in film pouches. Through the attachment of the sealing bars in L-form (on the front and on the right and left sides), the B 210 guarantees high product output and can be equipped with a product infeed conveyor.

Due to its modular design, the B 210 can be designed individually to the various needs of customers. The height of the transport conveyor in the chamber can be adjusted at the press of a button. This ensures that products of different sizes are packaged wrinkle-free and in a manner that is visually appealing. To increase cycle output, the opening width of the chamber lid can be adapted to each product height.

The B 210 can package a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from foods such as fresh meat, sausages, cheese and fish to technical products such as precision parts or ball bearings.

The B 210 features the MC10 machine control, which has 30 recipe storage slots and ensures intuitive operation. The chamber lid mechanism is electrical and consumes no compressed air in contrast to the usual pneumatically driven chamber lids on the market.