The C800 single-chamber machine from MULTIVAC, Kansas City, Mo., is equipped with a 1.40 meter-wide chamber, and is especially suited for long food productsMultivac vacuum chamber such as cylindrical sausages and lengthier whole fish.

The new C800 single-chamber machine is equipped with a double-chamber machine model C500 and a new end-to-end cover. With a sealing bar length of 780 mm and an effective chamber volume of 1400 x 780 x 170 mm, the C800 is considerably wider than its "little sister." The sealing bars are located on the right and left sides of the cover in the C800 (as compared to the C500, where sealing occurs in the front and back).

In addition to the vacuum "quick-stop" function, the C800 offers automatic progressive ventilation, which ensures that sharp or pointed products do not destroy the film pouch during ventilation.

Depending on the packaged ware and the packaging materials used, various sealing systems and vacuum pumps can be employed.

In order to further extend the shelf life of the products, or to protect them against pressure points or similar danger areas, there is also the option of providing the packs with a modified atmosphere (MAP packs).