Heinkel USA, Swedesboro, N.J., eliminated some of the inherent flaws of conventional centrifuge technology thanks to what is said the first ever centrifuge with a Heinkel inverting cartridge inbodyfilter cloth that is axially moveable. This allows the filter cloth to be inverted while under rotation, which completely discharges the solids, leaving the filter cloth free of residual heel while maintaining a totally-enclosed gastight system.

The HF & F model centrifuges incorporate inverting filter technology, thin cake filtering and PAC direct contact drying of the material all in one machine for separation/filtration. With these combinations of technologies, it is possible to dry product inside the gastight centrifuge, thereby reducing overall drying cycle time or eliminating downstream drying equipment.

Other advantages include no residual heel remains on the filter cloth, repeatable batch quality and full flexible process recipe management.

Heinkel USA