Performance Foodservice, Richmond, Va., collaborated with Diageo, the producer of GUINNESS beer, to launch Guinness Bold Entrées, an exclusive line of Performance Foodservice Guinness entreesbeer-infused modern foods.

“We’re embracing the beer trend in America through these innovative, beer-infused entrées inspired by traditional recipes and flavor,” says Fred Sanelli, senior vice president of marketing and sales development. “From saucy pork ribs to braised corned beef infused and marinated in Guinness, these bold and flavorful entrées can add depth and variety to our customers’ menus in exciting new ways.”

Guinness Bold Entrées include Braised Corn Beef, Braised Beef Chili with Beans, Braised Pot Roast, Braised St. Louis Ribs, Braised Tri Tip and a Sample Assortment Kit that is fully cooked in sous-vide manner and easily prepared in-house without a trained chef.

Chef Todd Davies, a leading beer-infused product innovator, created the recipes after working closely with Guinness experts using the time-honored tradition of cooking with Guinness.

“Cooking with beer—and Guinness in particular—provides a tremendous depth of flavor for cooking, so much more than any other alcohol or wine can offer,” says Davies. “Guinness is a great tool for adding a hint of nutty, chocolate and roasted flavors that lend sophistication and elevate a menu.”