Allan Brothers, Inc. has experienced several significant productivity and efficiency improvements since implementing HighJump Supply Chain Advantage Suite 12.0, produced by HighJump Software, Minneapolis. Allan Brothers is a grower, packer and shipper of premium apples and cherries based in Naches, Wash.

The latest features of this supply chain management software provide Allan Brothers with lottracing enhancements, embedded voice upgrades and a rich new interface with streamlined navigation. The company reports that programmer time for adding search fields to pages has been greatly reduced with the new filter features. In addition, Allan Brothers can now handle significantly larger amounts of information with faster performance, thanks to a nearly 75% reduction in network bandwidth and the ability of the application server and web server components to run on 64-bit versions of Windows servers.

“We needed to make some infrastructure changes to keep up with our growth, and we were very impressed when we saw a demonstration of the new HighJump Supply Chain Advantage version at the HighJump Innovation conference,” says Autumn Bernier, CIO and systems manager, Allan Brothers. “Since implementation, we’ve received feedback that our users love the ability to personalize their views and search criteria, and that the interface is very appealing. The enhanced graphing capabilities have given us greater visibility into our inventory and customer trends. ”

"We are proud to strengthen our relationship with Allan Brothers and provide new enhancements and tools that help them drive productivity and increase visibility as they grow,” says Gary Nemmers, senior vice president and general manager, supply chain execution group, HighJump Software. "The adaptability of our solutions empowers our customers to take advantage of new technologies while continuing our commitment to flexible technology.”

Allan Brothers has been a HighJump Software customer since 2008. The HighJump Supply Chain Advantage Suite 12.0 unites its complex operations, including apple and cherry packing lines, shipping and receiving docks, state-of-the-art storage facilities, a self-contained refrigerated distribution center for packed fruit storage and regular and controlled-atmosphere storage warehouses.