Boston-based Tribe Mediterranean Foods launched new, single-serve To Go hummus and artisan pita chip pack. Tribe Hummus to go

Available in Classic and Sweet Roasted Red Pepper varieties, was designed with functionality and freshness in mind. Its easy-to-handle design features a simple pop top, along with a see-through window that allows a clear view of the hummus. On the inside, hummus lovers will find a uniquely designed bag of pita chips that portrays the many entertaining ways one can dip into his/her hummus. From the “Shovel” (a hearty scoop) and the “’In ‘N Out” (a quick dip of the pita chip) methods to the “Last Bite” (scraping the bowl with a pita chip to get every morsel of hummus out), consumers can identify their own dipping style.

“Innovation is crucial to Tribe’s success,” says Adam Carr, chief executive officer. “We’re constantly looking to create products that best serve the taste buds and lifestyles of our consumers. Our new To Go pack allows us to be more mobile and not only play in snack-heavy spaces, but also stand out as a smarter, more healthful option.”

“There are still a lot of people who are yet to try Tribe and hummus in general,” Carr adds. “Tribe To Go is a great brand and category introduction for those not yet ready to make a commitment in the grocery aisle.”

Tribe’s To Go pack has a suggested retail price of $1.99-$2.99, and can be found at retailers and grocery stores such as Stop and Shop, Albertsons and Jewel, with plans of expanding to movie theatres, gas stations, airports and convenience stores by year-end.