RPC Superfos, Denmark, introduced SuperLock containers, which combine an oxygen barrier on all surfaces with a membrane seal to ensure an almost Superfos Superlocknon-existent oxygen transmission rate. This provides an ambient shelf life of up to 24 months for a wide range of products, including ready meals, sauces, soups, fruit desserts, vegetable spreads and dairy products.

The packs are suitable for both hot and cold filling, can be retorted for product pasteurization or sterilization, are stackable for efficient storage and offer low noise on the filling line. They are also lightweight, low carbon and fully recyclable.

Consumer benefits include easy and safe handling, re-closability and microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

The innovative in-mold label, which incorporates the barrier, also offers high-quality printing to create eye-catching graphics that deliver effective brand identity and on-shelf appeal.

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