Nestlé USA announced some key changes to its manufacturing operations, including laying off 200 employees from its Solon, Ohio, factory, which produces Stouffers and Lean Cuisine frozen meals.

“Throughout our frozen meals and chilled manufacturing network, Nestlé is transitioning to a continuous operations model,” according to a statement released from the Glendale, Calif., company. “When the process is complete, our facilities will be producing 24 hours per day, either five, six or seven days per week, depending on business need. We are doing this to optimize the investment we have made in our production facilities and to better manage the costs of making high-quality meals, sandwiches and pizzas.”

Nestlé sites space constraint as a reason for shutting down one of its production lines in June, with another two lines scheduled to cease operation in November.

“This decision will affect employment at the Solon facility, but the impact is somewhat offset by adding production to our third shift of operations, which traditionally has served only as a sanitation shift” Nestlé says in a statement. “While certain types of jobs will be eliminated, others will be created in this new model.  These are significant changes, and we will help each of our employees evaluate the new opportunities available to them.”