Johnson Controls added the ECOSS stainless-steel evaporative condenser to its Frick line of industrial refrigeration solutions. The unit is designed to combat problems from changes in water treatment chemistry that can lead to white rust, corrosion and decreased product life in conventional galvanized steel condensers. The ECOSS evaporative condenser also incorporates direct and variable speed drive fan options for reduced energy use. The ECOSS evaporative condenser is said to deliver twice the average lifespan of conventional galvanized evaporative condensers with total lifetime savings of up to 70%.

Johnson Controls, Inc.



Unifiller’s ShuffleMix aeration mixer helps increase the overall appearance of cream pies with a better aerated cream product—up to three times more volume. Whipped product goes directly from most containers to the mixer, then to a hopper, without any human contact. The mixer produces a consistent whipped product hour after hour. Available in four sizes, the Shufflemixer is PLC controlled and equipped with a frequency controlled product pump and automatically-controlled air flow meter. The system can be operated through a colored touchscreen that stores up to 40 recipes. Other benefits include start and stop without product loss, uniform and controlled product quality, negligible product temperature rise, clean-in-place for easy cleaning, sanitary design, built to HACCP specifications, fast product changeover and is said to take up on average 50% less floor space than other models anduse 30% less power.

Unifiller Systems