Liberty Technologies, a Vienna, Ohio-based Millwood company, introduced HDX Storage Solution with EZ-Flow technology. HDX applies pneumatic controls and Liberty Tech HDX storage solutiondeep lane storage principles to design, build and retrofit material handling and storage systems for manufacturers and distributors, while the EZ-Flow technology allows for awider variety of pallet sizes and weights in the same lane.  

The HDX-GP comes equipped with pneumatic braking to safely secure the unit load, and comes in a push-back configuration (HDX-PB) and in a controlled brake configuration (HDX-CB). 

With the unique lockout/tagout feature, HDX technology is said to be the only high-density storage solution that is OSHA compliant for confined space within the system. The HDX optimizes the space utilization of unit loads by providing superior space utilization with deep-lane, flow-through storage and provides superior first in/first out configuration.

Movement of the unit load is pneumatically-controlled and rests on static rails or the deck plate. The speed and distance traveled is controlled by intermittently raising or lowering the hose at timed intervals. Operation is activated and controlled by using barcode scanners, radio control equipment or photo-eyes. HDX easily integrates with current warehouse management and AS/RS systems.

Liberty Technologies