Emulate3D, Inc., Farmington, Idaho, partnered with Hytrol, a leader in conveyor belts for material handling companies, to provide simulations for the Hytrol Integration Hytrol conveyorPartner Network. The software provided by Emulate3D will allow Hytrol to use 3D models from its HyCAD/HEROES software to quickly create and run simulations.

The partnership will benefit Hytrol integration partners when presenting solutions to end users, says Delos Fritz, chief information officer at Hytrol, Jonesboro, Ark. Since the software also offers HD video of the simulations, “now, they can bring in a working 3D model for those not familiar with conveyor,” he adds.

The software works seamlessly with Hytrol’s current software to create the simulations.

“Since we don’t have to redo the work already completed in HyCAD or HEROES, we can provide these faster and easier than ever,” adds Fritz.

Integration partners can either purchase individual simulations directly from Hytrol or buy the modeling and simulation software at a significant discount from Emulate3D to use as needed.

“This is a great opportunity for our IPs to provide more value to customers,” Fritz says.