Harpak-ULMA Packaging, Taunton, Mass., partnered with Sealed Air Corp., the Elmwood Park, N.J., parent to Cryovac, to introduce Cryovac Darfresh on Tray, a new Harpak-ULMA Darfresh trayskin packaging technology that uses 100% of the skin film to seal the packages, generating zero scrap loss and eliminating the need for scrap wind-ups. Cryovac Darfresh on Tray uses patented Mondini “Platform Technology,” which allows a single tray sealing machine to produce a variety of packaging formats with minimal changeover time.

Interchangeable packaging capabilities include below-the-flange skin packages, protruding and super-protruding skin packages, stretch seal packages, Darfresh on Tray packages, modified atmosphere packages—high and low O2, die cut lid packages, aluminum trays, crimped aluminum pans, double-decker packages and rigid packages.

Each package is sealed using only the necessary amount of film, reducing waste costs that can accumulate from skeleton scrap. This process results in a compact package produced with 40 percent less material than other available tray skin offerings require and up to 40% faster packaging speeds.

Harpak-ULMA Packaging, LLC