Port Jersey Logistics, a Cranbury, N.J., third-party logistics (3PL) provider, faced an interesting challenge. Randall Mfg InsulWall

Due the temperature fluctuations during transit, olive oil changes color after it arrives from Italy. In order for the olive oil to regain its natural color, it is heated at 80°F for 24-48 hours. The challenge for Port Jersey Logistics was how to create a cost-effective, temperature-controlled room to store olive oil without using permanent walls.

“We were initially using an industrial vinyl wall to partition the space,” says Galo Panchi, facilities manager for Port Jersey Logistics. “Our heating expenses were through the roof. InsulWall was evaluated as a flexible, modular insulated wall solution as an alternative to a permanent wall.”

Port Jersey Logistics is a food-grade, AIB approved and organic-certified (as well as FDA-registered) full-service 3PL serving the food and beverage market. The challenge for 3PLs like Port Jersey Logistics is to provide temperature- and humidity-controlled areas while retaining the ability to move or expand walls as clients’ needs change.

Port Jersey Logistics used InsulWall from Randall Manufacturing, Elmhurst, Ill., to create the heated room for olive oil (as well as additional cooler rooms) at its new 700,000-square-foot food-grade, public warehousing space.

InsulWall’s GREEN interior insulation sandwiched between tough, exterior vinyl forms a flexible, insulated wall solution that easily create temperature- and humidity-controlled rooms. By not building a permanent wall, Port Jersey Logistics maintained the ability to reconfigure its warehouse space without costly wall removal and construction. Based on the savings realized in energy costs, InsulWall paid for itself in one year.

“InsulWall helps us meet our clients’ demands with its ease of installation, ease of maintenance and ability to create cooler and heated rooms economically,” adds Panchi.