Minneapolis-based Banner Engineering announced the Q4Xhttps://admin-refrigeratedfrozenfood.epublishing.com/admin/article/general/xml# laser distance sensor, designed to reliably detect distance changes as small as 1 mm and covers a Banner laser sensor25- to 300-mm range across multiple target colors, materials and surfaces.

The Q4X is optimal for difficult distance-based sensing applications, as it easily detects objects regardless of target surface reflectivity, including black foam on black plastic, black rubber in front of metal, multi-color packaging and targets of all colors. Additionally, the sensor provides superior resistance to ambient light interference.

The Q4X provides a clear distance readout from a highly visible, angled, 4-digit display that can be viewed from multiple vantage points. It also offers intuitive user setup utilizing three tactile buttons located below the display.

For use in wet and high-pressure washdown environments, the Q4X is constructed with robust housing rated to IP69K, and the durable FDA-grade, stainless steel resists mechanical impact, over tightening and extreme vibration.

Banner Engineering Corp.