Dallas-based tna acquired food processing equipment manufacturer Florigo International B.V., providing the company with access to Florigo’s range of continuous French fry lines.

Based in Woerden, The Netherlands, Florigo specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative frying technology for large and medium-sized French fry processing lines, including washing, de-stoning, peeling, slicing, blanching, drying, frying, cooling and freezing equipment. The incorporation of Florigo’s products into its own portfolio of pioneering packaging, processing, distribution, seasoning, coating, weighing, metal detection and identification equipment, will enabletna to cement its position as a leading provider of start-to-finish single source solutions for the entire snack industry.

In addition, tna will gain access to Florigo’s engineering expertise, including the company’s patented vacuum frying and de-fatting technology. Florigo’s unique vacuum technology enables manufacturers to cook their products at lower temperatures, preserving the natural colors, textures and flavors of the product while reducing the formation of acrylamide by up to 95%. Vacuum frying is also ideal for products that are high in natural sugar, such as sweet potatoes or even fruits, opening up opportunities for innovative product ideas to help tna’s customers cater to the increasing demand for healthier snacks. Florigo also has solutions to reduce acrylamides in more conventional frying along with more efficient process and reduced fat content.

“We’re very excited to integrate Florigo into the tna family,” says Michael Green, managing director. “Florigo has a long history in the food industry and brings with it a broad range of unique technology, making it a great fit for tna, both in terms of its capabilities, as well as its commitment to customer service and innovation. The snacks market has experienced significant growth over the past few years and more and more of our customers are looking for quality equipment that can handle greater product volumes. Together, with our recent acquisition of FOODesign, the incorporation of Florigo gives us even more flexibility for offering customers a range of solutions, from smaller direct-fired batch fryers to complete French fry production lines with capacities of up to 30,000 kg per hour, enabling us to deliver customized, efficient turnkey solutions to the wider snacks industry.” 

tnawill also add over 3,000 square meters of office and manufacturing space to its existing network of facilities around the world. This includes a cutting-edge Food Innovation Center, where customers can test new technologies in an effort to optimize existing processes or help with new product development.

“At tna, we understand how important it is to keep up with the rapidly changing food industry, and are committed to supporting our customers with the tools and equipment they need to keep their business moving,” says Bob Fritz, director of business development, tna. “The acquisition of Florigo allows us to bring our technology closer to our customers in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, reducing lead times and accelerating time to market. At the same time, it provides our customers with access to unique innovative technology and research capabilities, enabling our customers to test and develop products in a controlled cost-effective environment. We are very much looking forward to introducing this innovative technology to our customers around the world. We see the Woerden facility as our European center of excellence for processing. With manufacturing for processing in Portland, USA and Woerden, we are [in] a good position to support the growing customer base. Given the unique benefits in the Florigo and FOODesign product lines, we see both these facility’s growing very quickly.”

“Joining the tna group was an obvious choice for us,” adds Luc-Jan Wolpert, director at Florigo. “tna has built up a strong reputation in the industry throughout the years and shares our commitment to the highest level of performance and service excellence. Its expansive network of sales, technical support and manufacturing sites will allow us to reach food manufacturers around the world. At the same time, our existing customer base will benefit greatly from tna’s range of start-to-finish solutions, opening up a breadth of new opportunities for both companies and their customers.”

The acquisition is effective from March 6. Florigo will retain its brand and become integrated into the tna group.