Hughes Co., a Columbus, Wis.-based manufacturer and international distributor of stainless-steel food processing equipment, was acquired by Blackthorne Partners Ltd., Brookfield, Wis. Business executive Ross Lund will become president and CEO of the new company, Hughes Equipment Co., LLC.

"We have aggressive growth goals for the company, which I know we can achieve based on the company's existing staff of highly skilled and dedicated employees, our existing manufacturing technology and the new resources we will bring to the operation," Lund says. "Through investments in our people and in technology, we will help our customers become even more productive."

"Hughes Equipment Co. has an impressive lineup of highly reliable products, unparalleled customer service and an incredibly talented staff," says John Syburg, managing director at Blackthorne Partners. "We are confident we can build on that great foundation, and meet our customers' needs to an even greater degree."

Jeff Powell, the former president and owner, will retain an interest in the company and serve as a consultant to Lund. Hughes Equipment will also retain its 60,000-square-foot facility in Columbus, Wis., which has the capacity to handle anticipated business growth.