Humboldt Specialty Manufacturing Co., Omaha, Neb., introduced Kool Shield, an innovative system that resolves  a problem for the refrigerated trucking industry Humboldt Kool Shield dock door—temperature loss and humidity spikes during deliveries and unloading of product.

This dock door seals off the trailer opening, is easy to install and reduces wear and tear on refrigerated systems. Plus, it maintains cargo temperatures up to three hours with the doors open, thus ensuring FSMA compliance.

Kool Shield’s retractable design forms a barrier with seals around the top and sides of the box, forcing a tight fit with the side seals as refrigeration units blow airflow against it. Lock brackets, located on either side of the box, secure the extended Kool Shield until it is popped free. Then, the Kool Shield retracts out of the way.

Humboldt Specialty Manufacturing Co.