Hutt Logistics, a Holland, Mich.-based trucking, logistics and warehousing company, announced a new Hudsonville, Mich., warehouse that will add 67,000 square Hutt logistics centerfeet of cold food storage to the West Michigan market and increase the company’s overall warehouse space to more than 1 million square feet. The site will also create at least 15 new jobs.

Hutt specializes in full-service logistics, with an emphasis on deep-frozen and temperature-controlled storage and transportation. The company also offers standalone transportation, warehousing and managed services.

“Our growth in the past five years has been substantial, from zero to more than a million square feet of warehouse space, and we are looking to expand even further,” says Curt Brower, senior vice president. “There are currently a large number of producers in West Michigan who are using out-of-state cold storage warehouses. Our goal is to bring that capacity in-state to drive West Michigan’s economy, while helping our clients to reduce their overall operating cost.”

The new Hudsonville cold storage warehouse holds over 7,500 pallets and is already more than 80% full, with plans to expand the facility even further to accommodate growth.

All Hutt facilities, including the new Hudsonville warehouse, are inspected and qualified by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) for safety in food handling and storage.