Sargento Foods, Plymouth, Wis., released SARGENTO Balanced Breaks, which combine creamy bites of natural cheese, crunchy roasted nuts and sweet dried Sargento Balanced Breaks cheesefruits to create a wholesome snack.

Each Balanced Breaks snack features 7 grams of protein and 170-190 calories.

"Today's health-conscious consumers are looking for portable snacks that balance nutrition and great taste," says Chris McCarthy, director of marketing for the consumer products division. "With SARGENTO Balanced Breaks, consumers have a delicious new option to add to their snacking routine."

Balanced Breaks come in the following varieties:

Natural White Cheddar Cheese, sea-salted almonds and dried cranberries

Natural Sharp Cheddar Cheese, sea-salted cashews and cherry-infused cranberries

Natural Pepper Jack Cheese, honey roasted peanuts and raisins

Natural Sharp White Cheddar Cheese, sea-salted cashews and golden raisin medley

SARGENTO Balanced Breaks come in a package of three 1.5-ounce snacks, available in the dairy aisle for a suggested retail price of $3.69.