Project Juice, South San Francisco, kicked off summer with two seasonal blends available in 14.5- and 64-ounce bottles. Project Juice watermelon berry

Jala-Greeño is a feel-good juice that makes for the perfect replacement mixer for margaritas. Jala-Greeño consists of cucumber, jalapeño, lime and raw agave.

“Mixing fresh-pressed juices from hydrating vegetables and fruit helps counteract the taxing effect of alcohol on the body,” says Lori Kenyon Farley, co-founder and director of new product development and media relations. “The juice provides hydration and minerals your liver uses to metabolize alcohol, helping to avoid the depleted feeling the next day.”

Meanwhile, Watermelon Berry is packed with toxin-flushing ingredients, such as organic strawberries, watermelon, apples and coconut water as well as vitamin C

“Watermelon Berry allows us to combine some of summer’s most nutritious produce into a delicious hydrating blend, perfect for protecting skin and remaining hydrated throughout the warm summer months,” adds Kenyon Farley.