LeddarTech, Canada, launched LeddarCore, a new line of sensor ICs designed to offer unmatched integration capabilities for the development and production of high-volume applications.

LeddarCore is intended to give integrators and OEMs the flexibility to develop fully optimized sensor solutions or systems perfectly adapted to their specific applications. Combining LeddarCore with a photodetector, a pulsed light source and optical elements can develop new applications with stringent requirements, such as high reliability, small footprint, low power consumption and robustness.

Powered by Leddar’s unique signal processing, this technology enables high-efficiency optical detection and ranging devices, high sensitivity, enabling the detection of objects reflecting a very weak light signal, superior range-to-power ratio for consistent performance over both short and long range, immunity to noise and lighting conditions for robust detection capabilities in harsh or changing environments and in low-visibility situations and powerful signal processing, delivering rapid and accurate measurements of multiple targets simultaneously.

Offered in single- or multiple-photodetector element configurations, LeddarCore comes with development tools, including an evaluation board, reference design, sample code and signal processing libraries. Software tools and documentation facilitate configuration, tuning and calibration.