B’more Organic, Baltimore, Md., revamped its skyr smoothies to include a clean label and easily recognizable ingredients.

Labels for Icelandic-style skyr smoothies portray a clean design highlighting each specific flavor, nutrition information and easy-to-read health facts such as protein content, USDA organic seal, milk from grass-fed cows and probiotics.

Additionally, B’more Organic’s Caffe Latte is made with organic fair-trade coffee and offers 16 mg of natural caffeine. 

“The new package design provides customers with a clean look for each B’more Organic flavor,” says Andrew Buerger, founder and CEO. “Our skyr smoothies are now more easily recognized and distinguished as a healthy and nutritious beverage brand.”

B’more Organic smoothies come in Mango Banana, Banana, Vanilla, Caffe Latte, and newly launched Strawberry and Plain.