The machine guarding defender cell from Rite-Hite, Milwaukee, restricts access and provides point-of-operation guarding around potentially dangerous automated and automatic processes, including stretch-wrap machine operations.

The defender cell incorporates perimeter-safety products, such as Rite-Hite’s RoboGuard steel-wire fencing and point-of-operation guarding with a high-speed, automated barrier door, as well as the Defender into one 4-sided safety cell.

Constructed of 8-gauge welded steel wire, RoboGuard restricts workers and bystanders from entering dangerous work spaces where machinery might be moving. The fencing is customizable to accommodate various applications and designs. The Defender’s high-speed, high-cycle automated door safely separates machine operators and manufacturing processes at the point-of-operation, while allowing safe and easy access to the process cell once powered down. Additionally, the roll-up design leaves a small physical footprint.

Rite-Hite Corp.