Air Technical Industries (ATI), Mentor, Ohio, announced a new low-profile, self-propelled lift table. The propulsion system, power-remote steering, lifting mechanism, wheels and batteries are all built into one table like a shoe box, completely self-contained.

The change of technology helps users lift and transport large and heavy items through narrow aisles, doorways and crowded areas. And, the ergonomics eliminate the need for any physical exertion by the operator pushing around a cart. The unit features a 10,000-pound capacity, lowered height of 14 inches, vertical lift of 60 inches and raised height of 74 inches.

The unit is flexible and can transport and steer with a load in the raised position. Mobility is provided by roller bearing-mounted polyurethane wheels. The battery charger can be built in or externally installed at a designated charging station. Push button controls save time and increase production while reducing operator fatigue.

Air Technical Industries