Air Technical Industries (ATI), Mentor, Ohio, developed new heavy duty self-propelled platform truck-tug. In addition to carrying heavy loads, it is powerful enough to pull along several trailers or loads simultaneously, saving time by doing it in one trip instead of multiple trips.

The propulsion is battery-powered 24 volt DC, and controls are built-in below the platform, which can open at one end for service access. The travel speed varies from zero-4 mph and is equipped with automatic braking.

The truck-tug comes in 2,000-, 4,000-, 6,000- and 10,000-pound capacities and in 32- to 72-inches wide and 48- to 120-inches in length.  The platform height is from 14- to 24-inches high depending on capacity and size required.  Optional lift platform can be built in to lift the load to the desired height.

And, 60-degree steering to each side allows for sharp angle turns to operate in narrow isles or crowded areas.


Air Technical Industries