To help managers reduce time spent in the clean-in-place (CIP) process, while improving quality and safety, Vigilistics, Irvine, Calif., created SanitizationPro, a 'plug-n-play' CIP monitoring and analytics solution.

SanitizationPro provides visibility from the plant floor to the corporate office. Automated data collection generates wash records in real-time using benchmarks, baselines, dashboards, alerts and exception reporting. Managers can also track the chemical, water and energy used in a plant's CIP system, set and monitor system goals for use of resources and translate usage to cost.

SanitizationPro 5.0 generates detailed wash reports that includes wash program, start and end time, exceptions, titration and more. Managers can also quickly identify, schedule and benchmark exceptions using a new streamlined interface for easy navigation.

Other features include:

  • Dashboard and live view
  • 'At condition' wash reports
  • Improved titration—root cause, re-test
  • FDA-validated regulatory inspection package creation
  • Expanded analytics with detailed performance monitoring.

Vigilistics, Inc.