Abaqus, Inc., a Palo Alto, Calif.-based provider of the myGeoTracking cloud-hosted mobile workforce management and transportation support platform, and Intelek Technologies, Norman, Okla., joined forces to integrate Intelek Technologies’ EDI Transportation Suite with the myGeoTracking load tracking and logistics event monitoring solution, almost instantly enabling it to support almost all transportation management and supply chain logistics software systems in use by the transportation industry.

The myGeoTracking service offers load tracking and management capabilities with intelligent load monitoring features that provide on-demand load location, ETA, automatic exception alerts in case of delays/stoppages and periodic location and status updates via text, voice and email.

Additional features include:

  • Supports transportation and logistics companies using third-party drivers.
  • Works on any driver’s phone with no app.
  • Rapid integration capabilities enable just-in-time load setup within familiar TMS systems to help tender loads (USPS, shippers, etc.).
  • Intelligent supply chain event monitoring features include driver status, arrival delays, stoppages, ETA based on dynamic road conditions, etc.
  • Periodic load status updates to brokers, shippers and customers via text, voice and email.
  • GPS-tagged proof-of-delivery and verification.
  • Certified USPS LCRS provider for GPS compliance reporting.
  • Optional smartphone app with hours of service, QR code/barcode scanner and signature capture.
  • Fine-grained privacy management for drivers.
  • Supports ad-hoc driver provisioning.


Abaqus, Inc.

Intelek Technologies