Presto Lifts, Norton, Mass., developed the P3 all-around spring level loader to improve the efficiency of pallet loading and unloading operation.

A system of heavy-duty springs automatically lower or raise a pallet as weight is added or removed. By doing so, the P3 spring level loader maintains the top layer of boxes at an easy-to-access position.A turntable ring on top of the unit allows users to rotate the load, so he/she can remain in the same position throughout the loading or unloading process.

A compact base design allows workers unobstructed access to loads. Plus, it requires no power, features fork pockets at the base for easy relocation and includes disc covers, solid tops, bellows guards, casters and special finishes.

The P3 spring level loadercan accommodate loads from 400-4,500 pounds.

Presto Lifts Inc.