The new LNB-2 from Lift’n Buddy, Fargo, N.D., is said to be the next generation in powered elevating 2-wheel hand trucks. It combines the vertical lifting capabilities of a small powered stacker with the convenience, versatility, simplicity and maneuverability of a conventional 2-wheel hand truck.

At the touch of a button, the  LNB-2’s powered, adjustable height platform positions loads at a comfortable height to eliminate bending and stretching when loading, unloading or moving items from one level to another. Built on a lightweight durable aluminum frame with powdercoat paint finish, the LNB-2 can lift loads of 200 pounds up to 37 inches at 4 inches per second. The LNB-2’s lift mechanism utilizes a quiet timing belt drive. Two maintenance-free 12V rechargeable batteries provide ample power for even the most demanding applications.

Lift’n Buddy