Dayton Progress, Dayton, Ohio, introduced new DayLube high-performance nano-ceramic grease that is said to significantly extend the service life of lift truck wheel bearings for frozen food processing and handling facilities. Dayton progress

Previously, maintenance personnel were greasing wheel bearings weekly, but still experienced significant failures within a week. After switching to DAYLube nano-ceramic food-grade grease, maintenance intervals were extended to six weeks with virtually no failures. This high-performance grease maintains its original viscosity and adhesion even after daily pressure washing. DayLube nano-ceramic grease is ideal for extreme environments, including heat and cold, dusty, dirty, wet, humidity and more.

Nano-ceramic particles act as sub-microscopic ball bearings to provide continuous lubrication to steel surfaces, allowing DayLube to last 10 times longer than other greases. Chemically inert DAYLube is also environmentally friendly. It maintains its viscosity across full temperature range and is NSF-H1-food grade certified.

DAYLube operates in temperature ranges from -40°F to 800F, and the nano-ceramic particles remain intact to 2500°F. It comes in 16-ounce tubes and jars, as well as 1- and 5-gallon pails.

Dayton Progress