Promised Land Dairy’s Jersey cow milk hasn’t changed a drop, but its bottles have.

That’s because the Dallas, Texas-based dairy processor updated its bottles to showcase an array of colored labels that better communicate the brand's core and seasonal flavor offerings.

New typefaces, color palates and a more modern, art deco design reflect the evolution of the Promised Land brand's overall look and feel, while still evoking nostalgia. Plus, the new bottles are more ergonomically correct, are made from recyclable PETand address the consumer's previous challenges with spillage.

"From the brand's founding in 1987, Promised Land has always enjoyed providing our consumers with rich, creamy, high-quality dairy products," says Allen Spence, director of marketing. "We are excited to introduce our new packaging, as we feel it better reflects the wholesome Jersey cow milk inside. Although we are updating our packaging, we're proud to continue to provide the same premium dairy products, tastier and creamier than the rest, that we started making 28 years ago."