Allen Harim, Seaford, Del., is said to be one of the first companies in the nation to move to a 100% vegetarian feed for its chickens in order to meet rising consumer demand for quality, fresh and healthy poultry products.

The company is also said to be one of the first to announce that its signature Nature’s Sensation brand is raised with no antibiotics ever.

“As a company, we are responding to what our customers are telling us about consumers and their desire to buy healthy chicken products for their families,” says Steven Evans, chief executive officer. “Our chickens are hand-raised on family farms, and we are committed to making sure they are raised with no added hormones, using the best all-veggie feed available, and in the case of Nature’s Sensation with no antibiotics ever.”                                       

Allen Harim updated the Nature’s Sensation logo and packaging to reinforce its commitment to these values and ideals. The existing brand name was merged with a script font with a more natural green and brown color palette. The more contemporary logo is reflective of the brand’s qualities and values. The packaging also reinforces that the chicken is strictly 100% vegetarian fed, with no antibiotics ever, no added steroids or added hormones, and that the chickens are hand-raised on family farms. In addition, a color band was added to the bottom for a more streamlined look. Safe handling and nutritional information was moved to a larger panel on the back of the package for consumer convenience.

“The redesign effort was fueled by listening to the growing interest by consumers on how their food is produced,” says Jack Coleman, senior director of sales and marketing. “This new packaging and logo is designed to emphasize what’s most important to consumers when choosing poultry products, and to make it clear to them that Nature’s Sensation is exactly what they are looking for.”

The new Nature’s Sensation packaging will begin appearing in local grocery stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions in March.