InContext Solutions, a provider of web-based virtual reality (VR) shopper and retail solutions, launched HIVE, a new VR lab offering a hands-on experience of the latest in VR technology and high-end wearable gear. 

HIVE, which stands for “hi-immersion virtual experience,” is located at InContext’s Chicago headquarters, and features high-end VR devices and wearable gear to allow clients to understand what it feels like to be completely immersed in a virtual world.

“Virtual reality technology is difficult to explain for those who haven’t experienced it,” says Tracey Weidmeyer, chief technology officer. “And, when we’re talking about the potential of transforming a business, first-hand experience is that much more important. HIVE allows our clients to experience VR and understand its benefits before they invest in transforming their in-store customer experiences using this innovative technology.” 

InContext Solutions’ VR technology streams hyper-realistic 3D simulations of actual in-store environments over the web, allowing retail and consumer packaged goods brands to bring new concepts to life—from concept ideation to shopper evaluation to market activation—and see how they perform in the real world before investing in production. 

"The HIVE offers our clients access to this immersive, emerging technology, where they have the opportunity to truly visualize the impact virtual reality can have on their industries,” adds Weidmeyer. “We are thrilled to be able to show our current and prospective clients the latest in VR technology.”