In a new study published in the Journal of Foodservice Management & Education, wearable technology was found to expedite and positively impact food handler training. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Arkansas’ Department of Food Science, Fayetteville, Ark., showed participants needing less than 50% of the time to view, learn and execute proper food handling tasks when using Glass Enterprise Edition and EyeSucceed software from NSF International, Ann Arbor, Mich., compared to the traditional video-based methodology.

EyeSucceed provides a hands-free training module. Glass is worn by the user like a pair of eye glasses, while an optical display located in the user’s field of vision displays training content. Users navigate through step-by-step instructions using voice commands or a scroll pad embedded in the side frame.

The study tested the educational properties of glass with EyeSucceed against traditional, video-based training. The training included when and how to wash hands properly and procedures for making a sandwich. The training modalities were evaluated in terms of efficiency, hands-free access to information and ability to free up space in the work environment. Participants who received the classroom-based video tutorial viewed the training video and then executed the tasks separately, while participants who received EyeSucceed wearable device training were able to simultaneously view and execute commands.

In a recent pilot of the training module at a global quick-service restaurant chain, 71% of employees said they prefer glass/EyeSucceed training over other training modalities.

“It’s clear that glass with EyeSucceed is an incredibly powerful combination capable of increasing training efficiency, ease of use and employee engagement in the foodservice industry,” says Tom Chestnut, co-founder of EyeSucceed and senior vice president of NSF International’s global food safety division.

Other potential food industry applications of glass and EyeSucceed include detecting and reducing human error to help prevent food recalls and foodborne illness. EyeSucceed can be used throughout the supply chain – at the farming, food processing and retail/restaurant level – for a variety of functions, including training, remote food safety audits, auditor calibration, seafood inspections, first production runs and remote food equipment assessments.