Minyard Food Stores’ challenge was the same as many grocery stores around the nation. How could it provide an immersive in-store experience that offered enough value to customers to increase basket size and keep them coming back?

“At Minyard, we are continuously looking for ways to improve the customer’s in-store experience while saving them time and money,” says Ray Schalek, owner of Minyard Food Stores, Carrollton, Texas.

Minyard Food Stores also needed a way to gather data about its shoppers in order to educate its team on customer buying behaviors, preferences and needs.

In conjunction with Adventi Media, Inc., a direct mail advertising service in Irving, Texas, and Marketing Management, Inc., a private brand marketing company based in Fort Worth, Texas, Blue Calypso launched a shopper marketing program that includes weekly digital store circulars, product information, promotional offers and rewards to shoppers’ mobile devices when they are in-store on the path-to-purchase. This customer facing solution—enabled via short codes—allowed Minyard to better connect with mobile-savvy shoppers while gaining valuable insights into the shopping behaviors such as distance from home to store and coupon redemption.

Using the MobileAdvantage solution, Blue Calypso, Richardson, Texas, incorporated creative content when developing a customized Minyard Sun Fresh Market-branded microsite. This microsite was designed to highlight the top deals/coupons for the week, while enabling and encouraging advocates of Minyard Sun Fresh Market to share the promotional incentive within their social communities, thereby, amplifying the message through word-of-mouth marketing.

Visitors who reached the microsite received deals and offers, some of which were exclusive to those who opted in to the text program.  MobileAdvantage’s one-click sharing allowed advocates to simplify the social sharing process while contributing to a progressive profiling strategy.

Within the first week, there were 455 activations, 188 redemptions (41%) and 19 shares (4%).

Minyard Sun Fresh Market was able to utilize the depth of analytics in Blue Calypso’s Campaign Dashboard to track the distinct activity of the participants in the campaign. In addition, they were able to see the location of each activation to gain specific advocate insights. The data showed that most of the activations happened out of store, meaning that many of these customers redeemed their coupons upon a return visit.

The rich analytics provided by MobileAdvantage empowered Minyard to determine how many customers viewed the content, shared the offer, the geographic locations of each activation and share and which offers were redeemed. More importantly, the overall experience for their clientele was significantly improved because they were able to provide value and convenience in an innovative way that benefits all parties in the buying process.