Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. (MCFA), Houston, Texas, introduced a new 8,000-pound capacity Jungheinrich EZS C40NA tow tractor to its North American product line. Combining the latest generation of AC technology with advanced regenerative braking, this new model can efficiently run up to two shifts on a single battery charge for greater productivity. The new model also boasts powerful acceleration speeds and quick directional changes for greater productivity.

Electric steering provides greater control while traveling, with three pre-set, adjustable travel programs that allow the tow tractor to be customized to suit most applications. The tow tractor also features Jungheinrich’s proprietary Curve Control feature, which automatically reduces traveling speed when turning corners, helping to ensure greater control over loads.

The EZS C40 also features 5.4-inch ground clearance and is equipped with super-elastic tires to provide operators with a smoother ride when traveling on uneven or rough surfaces.

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc.