Synchrono, St. Paul, Minn., launched SyncManufacturing demand-driven planning, scheduling and execution software.

Also referred to as a pull-based, or respond planning system, SyncManufacturing software is said to be the first of its kind to synchronize planning and scheduling with execution in real-time, aligning all production activities from order inception to customer delivery. In this way, SyncManufacturing works to optimize workflow through the entire production process, rather than individual resources.

Additional functions include:

·         Build schedules dynamically, so orders are immediately queued, prioritized and communicated.

·         Adjust execution variability proactively in real-time, and align operations with customer delivery expectations.

·         Provide universal visibility to a “single version of the truth” across all functions—production, supply, customer service, management and more.

·         Directly link rapid replenishment and purchase functions to current production capabilities.

·         Highlight opportunities for continuous improvement with easy-to-use analysis tools.

SyncManufacturing software uses a unique prioritization method that synchronizes people, methods, materials and machines throughout the enterprise. When a customer order is initiated, the system aligns all elements required to complete the job—color-coding, tracking and verifying availability to ensure the order flows through the entire production process and meets the customer’s delivery date. Should a change occur, schedules and priorities are adjusted and visible, empowering workers with clear knowledge of what to work on next.  

SyncManufacturing software includes a patented methodology called CONLOAD (for consistent load) to help manufacturers effectively manage constraints or bottlenecks in the system and maintain a consistent rate of work flowing throughout the production environment. It does this through a unique scheduling algorithm that releases work onto the factory floor based on the capacity of the system constraint(s).

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